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Social Marketing – Did You Know The Three Differences Between Social Media & Normal Marketing?

Posted by admin on January 09, 2015
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Social networking platforms build buzz, boost business and serve smaller enterprises as low cost / no-cost promoting tools. Social Media, in simple language serves users and affiliations in promoting in 3 ways : one. Communication Selling is all about building relations — relations commence with communication. A failing to observe these can work against you extremely quickly. New web tools like blogging, micro-blogging ( Twitter ), social networking ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning ), podcasting ( BlogTalkRadio ), video distribution ( YouTube ), event planning tools ( Meetup ), wikis ( Wikipedia ) photograph sharing ( Flickr, Photobucket ), and product review sites ( ) permit smaller businesses to speak, educate and share info immediately with their and potential buyers.

Remember, it is not a broadcast, it is a conversation. Maybe the most critically, you need to listen more than you talk. And you can not come bursting into the conversation like somebody's inebriated uncle at a family get-together. Listen for chances to help and input as required. You need to use the ‘read more’ tag to post part of your article that leads to another page with the entire piece. YouTube – YouTube now gets 2 times the traffic of Google. Why would you not do this? Take points from your article and create Power Point slides.

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